Dogs Eating Chocolate What To Do

Most dog owners are accustomed to sharing finger food they eat with their pets. This is true in the case of chocolate, which is something most people like to indulge in. While sharing food with your dog show your love for him, chocolate can actually cause problems for sharing with your dog. One could say that eating chocolate may even be life threatening for the dog. Although the toxicity of chocolate in dogs is a serious problem, most dog owners are not even aware. Because it's something that can lead to death of dogs, dog owners should know about it in detail. Therefore, it is called the problem of dogs eating chocolate, its symptoms and effects it will have on the dog. To learn more about the dog poisoning.

Dogs Eating Chocolate - myth or reality?

In addition to people who do not know that something like chocolate toxicity in dogs there are also people who think that the relationship between dogs and chocolate is a myth. However, we must understand that the toxicity of chocolate is certainly not a myth, but rather a problem that must be treated very seriously. The problem is that these chocolates are widely available at home, especially during the holidays. To make matters worse, dogs actually love chocolates too. They like the smell of chocolate and can not do anything to your taste. In addition, if tastes dog, even a little chocolate, it can develop a taste for them too thirsty. To learn more about dog health problems.

Dogs Eating Chocolate - what is it toxic?

Until now, most of us should think about why it's something that people loved so much, is so dangerous for dogs. The reason is the presence of a stimulant called theobromine. This natural stimulant found in cocoa in chocolate is Theobroma, a cocoa bean plant is used in the manufacture of chocolate. This incentive has a drastic effect on the central nervous system and the heart can cause dogs to have seizures and often death. Learn more about dog food allergies.

Many people want to know which determine the severity of the condition of the dog has eaten chocolate. The answer to this question is actually quite vague. Although the level of toxicity depends on the percentage of theobromine in chocolate, the dog's weight does not play an important role too. The type of chocolate consumed by dogs is also important because the level of theobromine is not the same in all chocolates. In the case of white chocolate, toxicity can be measured as 200 ounces of a pound of body weight. The less toxic than milk chocolate is chocolate, which can be weighed as one ounce per pound of weight. Even semi-sweet chocolate reached the same level. In the case of cocoa, sweet, toxicity is 0.1 ounce per pound of body weight. However, the most dangerous is baking chocolate because it contains 0.1 ounces of toxicity of a half kilogram of body weight. Although the amount of chocolate consumed issue when considering the severity of the condition, there were cases where even a small amount of chocolate cause dangerous consequences.

Dogs Eating Chocolate - Symptoms

When feeding pet owners of dogs some chocolate accidentally or if dogs eat chocolate, without their knowledge, there are some symptoms you can see their pet. Some of the symptoms associated with chocolate toxicity in dogs. To learn more about the symptoms of poisoning dogs.
frequent urination in dogs
Canine diarrhea
Rapid heartbeat
muscle tremors
Dogs Eating Chocolate - What to do?

As the toxicity of chocolate in dogs is a serious problem, knowing what to do when something like this happens, it is very important. Like many dogs can do to eat a piece of chocolate with things at home that can help relieve their symptoms may be helpful. All families have dogs must be equipped with a box of hydrogen peroxide, because it is one of the best ways to treat the toxicity of chocolate. A teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to 10 pounds of body weight mixed with water, the dog must be fed to him every ten minutes until the chocolate vomit. This would be followed by coal for your dog because it helps to remove toxicity completely. However, if symptoms worsen, even with hydrogen peroxide is extremely important to rush the dog nearest veterinary pet immediately. Even if the symptoms subside, treatment with these measures, taking your pet to ensure it is safe.

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These are some of the most important things that every dog owner should know about dogs eat chocolates. As we now know very well about dogs eating chocolate is because the best thing you can do is prevent your dog to get any type of chocolate. If you or someone in your family, especially children have the habit of sharing food with your dog while eating, they must be explained to give chocolate to your pet's health is not good for the canine . In addition, containers and shelves are kept where the chocolate is beyond your dog. Taking simple, such as, but precautions will ensure that your dog will be safe because of dangerous side effects caused by eating chocolate.


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