Are Grapes Bad For Dogs

Dogs are famous for some unique qualities such as loyalty, courage and friendly nature. There is another quality of good in them, which is not observed by all, that is their nature, are not so difficult. Whatever food you try to feed your dog, he eats it willingly. It's good for dog owners, but can be fatal in dogs. So, is fully responsible dog owners to feed the right foods.

So what is an appropriate diet for your dog? Well, like humans, dogs also need a balanced diet. They need proportionate amounts of fiber, protein and fat. Thus, foods that contain nutrients above that, chicken, tomatoes, rice, carrots, turkey, etc. are appropriate. Some canned foods contain only one nutrient in excess, which can be harmful for the dog. So remember to read the contents of packaged foods, or better yet, make home cooked dog food. Grapes is one of cheap food? Can dogs eat grapes?

The grapes are bad for dogs?
pet cats are very difficult, they do not eat everything they give. But dogs do not have likes and dislikes when it comes to food, have full confidence in their master in the field as well. dog owners are very cautious about feeding the dog when a new pet. However, after a few days, is replaced by indifference Warning! Not because the owners know nothing about dog care, but because the dog ate nothing. But this dog can be dangerous to health. One such food, food facts, which can be fatal for your pet is loved grapes. The grapes bad for dogs to eat? Yes, certainly they are bad for dogs!

Why are grapes bad for dogs to eat?
Dogs showed symptoms such as kidney failure (renal failure) and the inability of urine after eating grapes. Then they say that grapes are toxic to dogs. How they are toxic is not known, but based on symptoms, some conclusions are drawn. One symptom is that dogs are unable to urinate, and one of the causes of disability in the urine may be non-filtering toxins that grapes contain. ASPCA, Animal Poison Control Center has also advised people not to feed grapes to dogs that one of their case studies, 140 dogs that have ingested grapes were studied, and that was shocking results of the case study. Of the 140 dogs, about 47 dogs were affected by the grape and showed symptoms of food poisoning and very severe symptoms such as kidney failure! Not only that, seven dogs of forty-one dogs have died. Thus, the grapes are toxic to dogs? Well, unfortunately, they are.

Another theory that grapes are poisonous for dogs is as follows, is well known that grapes contain high amounts of sugar. Sugar is necessary for the body to produce energy, like humans and dogs. This sugar is produced by processing the food we eat, so extra sugar is added to the diet of a dog (from grapes and other foods high in sugar), the body can not treat natural and produces insulin. But when there is too much sugar in the body, too much insulin is produced. What is the end result? the dog's body stops responding to insulin! This could lead to many serious illnesses dog.

Grape toxicity in dogs - Symptoms
If large quantities of grapes are eaten by dogs, symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting are easily observed. Abdominal pain is also observed. Dog feces contain undigested grapes and will be unable to urinate. Some behavioral changes are also observed. The dog will become hyperactive and agitated, signs of discomfort will be clearly visible.

Toxicity of grapes - Treatment
Rush to your veterinarian as soon as symptoms are observed. In addition, induce vomiting in dogs. Activated charcoal absorbs toxins from the body of the dog so the dog should have. The vet will be to keep the dog on the treatment of intravenous fluids for two days by which the risk of renal failure will be prevented.

Relation of green grapes and dogs is the same as red grapes for dogs, if the grapes have the same effect on dogs. So the best option is to ban the feeding of grapes dog and never have a problem, are grapes bad for dogs?


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